A special thanks to all of my customers! They give the credit to me, but the truth is with out their hard-work, dedication, and love for training their dogs, there would be no success.  You all put so much time and effort into making your dogs what they have become! I truly feel blessed to have  the clientele I do!!!

Rebecca Sholtis
Master Trainer
Owner Of Lucky Dog Pet Services

Lucky Dog Pet Services
159 Sprague Ave. West Creek, NJ 08092 US
Phone: 609-276-0945 Website: Luckydogpetservicesnj.com
Here for all your dog training needs!


Clients are our best advertising

Happy pet = happy you

"A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog"

If only our four-legged clients could do the talking. Since they can't, find out what their human companions say about us.

I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in with Murphy .
Everything you taught me has helped make Murphy a  very obedient dog. He now obeys all of my commands......all of the time. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, your expertise and your positive approach to dog training.  I would recommend your services to anyone who loves their dog and wants to
enhance the canine/human  relationship.

John Taaffe

I feel so fortunate to have found Becky Sholtis. Her love, level of energy and passion for what she does has made all the difference for my dogs. I gave her an untrained, terrified puppy, and she worked with both of us tirelessly to help Finley become an amazing girl. I would absolutely and highly recommend her to anyone.
Danielle Cherence

My goal was to have a dog that shared my life, my activities. I knew a GSP was the right breed for me--high activity level, intelligent, strong-willed & family oriented. I knew Blitz was the right dog for me--lots of heart with a calm nature (for a GSP).

I knew Blitz needed professional training, if our life together was to be harmonious. I also knew I was not equal to the task.  When Blitz was 4 months old Becky trained him & then she trained me.  She taught Blitz the basic commands & then she taught me how to use them to interact with him.

Blitz is 10 months old now.  Everyone tells me how well behaved he is. I take him just about everywhere I go. We continue to develop our own language.  I think he's wonderful & I'm pretty sure he loves me.

Thanks Becky.

Blitz's human

I am very impressed with Rebecca's ability to understand my dogs perception and how to capitalize on it. Rebecca was able to teach Lola all the basics sit stay Down place come . I now have the perfect dog thanks to Rebecca.

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