You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!
We customize our dog training courses to fit your busy schedules!

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  • Personalized training with dog only, including hands on lesson after completion
  • Customized training with dog and owner
  • Refresher courses offered
  • Individual lessons in your home

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" A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog"
Why wait to start enjoying your dog more, get your dog trained to day!

Basic Obedience Training

With this course we will teach your dog how to properly walk on a leash, in the heel position.  The dog will promptly sit when you come to a stop. Your dog will learn all of the different positions, such as sit, down, stay, stand and of course come. All of these commands will be done with a loose six foot leash.  We also teach your dog to place on a object, a rug, a dog bed.... This command is very handy for dogs who have issues with the door bell.

Advanced Off Leash Training

This course is for those who love to take their pet everywhere and don't want to use the leash.  Your dog will respond to verbal and hand commands up to a football field away. All commands will be completed with out any use of a leash! We will teach your dog 14 different commands. This is the ultimate training course.
Including all commands from the basic obedience training course...

Problem Solving

For those pet owners out there who just don't know what to do with their dog! DON'T GIVE UP!  There is always a reason a dog is acting out with bad behaviors, therefore I have never encountered a dog that I can't help! Aggression, severe separation anxiety, excessive barking, jumping, chewing, housebreaking ..... the list goes on and on. WE CAN HELP! Call today for your free evaluation, let us examine your dog. We will find the training course that best fits you and your dog. 

For Your New Puppy

Get your puppy of to the right start!  When you bring a new dog into the family there are a lot of questions. We are here to answer them! Don't wait for any negative behaviors to start, get them started training!  Schedule up a puppy consultation with us and get

  •  Housebreaking Schedule
  • Socialization Values
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Leash Breaking

We believe a trained dog is a happy dog! That's why we offer the widest array of services and technique then anyone else. Mixing and matching to your pet's needs is our specialty.  And because every dog has its unique training challenges, we offer no-obligation consultations. A trained dog will obey in any environment, with any distraction! True dog training is an art!

Friends and Family with dogs too...

Group training sessions available!!
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