Our Trainers

Rebecca Sholtis (Owner)

I would like to tell you a little about myself and how I have become so passionate about dog training.

I left my career as a manager for a retail store and found myself working at a local kennel as a laborer. At this point my fiancee and I had purchased a three month old Doberman Pinscher. I was working part-time at the kennel, when my interest in dog training took off. I would stay every day after work to watch and learn how to train dogs and was amazed at what these animals could learn and how quickly the picked it all up.

As I learned more and more about dogs and their behavior, I knew in my heart I had something to offer as a trainer. Shortly after that, I became the head trainer at the facility.

Dog training is an ability to communicate with the animal and I believe it is a gift!

As I grew further in the field of dog training, I found my own theory and method, therefore I parted ways and started my own training business. I strive to make training as fun for the owner as it is for the dog. When you have fun and can see result with your dog it is a guarantee you will continue to train!

Being a good dog trainer is being on a constant quest for knowledge. In 2012 alone I attended three seminars with trainers who are considered the best in the world!

Bart Ballon

Phil Hoelcher

Frank Campbell

I train with groups from all over the country including Police working K9, Search and Rescue, Sport ….

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“My life has gone to the dogs….. and I’m loving every minute of it!”