Are you planning a vacation? 

Wondering what to do with your dog?

While you are away let us take care of your dog and train them too!!
Focus is a key factor in dog training!
Dog Training is a creating a communication link between you and the dog. By creating this an unbreakable bond is formed!!

Lucky Dog Pet Services
159 Sprague Ave. West Creek, NJ 08092 US
Phone: 609-276-0945 Website:
Here for all your dog training needs!


"A Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog"
Welcome to Lucky Dog Pet Services Where we treat your dog like family!

We cater to four-legged friends like no one else. They're part of your family. When you trust their trainer, you can teach them anything. We've built our reputation on providing exceptional services for you and your dog. We provide dog training programs where you can send your dog to school or where you can train your dog with the help of a professional dog trainer.  We customize our programs to fit your needs!

Is your dog well-behaved?

 Does your dog pull on the leash?

Do they chew things in the home?

Go crazy at the sound of the door bell?

Getting your dog trained is your answer.  Start enjoying your dog today! 

Our goal is to create a healthy and happy relationship between you and your dog. We pride ourselves on teaching you and your pet to communicate with each other so you can live happily together!

Don't wait another minute to start enjoying your dog!

Those who only want the BEST for their dog, train at Lucky Dog Pet Services!

Basic Obedience Training


Advanced Off Leash Training...Yes, we can do that!

Check out this video and see just a few of the things we can teach your dog!
Trained dogs enjoy the training! When we train a dog they not only listen to our every command but the are happy to do it!

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